Poster Session

Map of McCaw Hall @ Arrillaga Alumni Center

We thank the Computer Forum for sponsoring this poster session.

Morning Session

Names Position Title
Rayan Kanfar, Rustam Akhmadeiv A1 Subsurface Imaging Using GANs
Leon Lin A2 Generative Models for Medical Image Temporal Interpolation
Andrew Deng, Kais Kudrolli, Alex Tsun A3 Poprockify - Music Style Transfer
Tanay Topac A4 Anomaly Detection of a Sensor-network Equipped UAV Wing using Generative Adversarial Networks
Sanjana Srivastava, Kaylee Burns A5 Extending the Lottery Ticket Hypothesis to Generative Models
Bowen Jing, Ethan Chi, Jillian Tang A6 SGVAE: Sequential Graph Variational Autoencoders
Shai Limonchik, Conner Smith, Jose Cuerto A7 Generating Chest X-ray images for Different Age Groups
Zainab Khan, Jonas Messner A8 Super-Resolution of Low-Resolution Images using Generative Adversarial Networks
Alvaro Zamora, Aidan O'Beirne A9 ImagiNet: Imagining Better Prognoses with Coupled VAEs.
Jeff Park A10 Generative Models for Spaceborne Images
Daniel Semeniuta B1 Data Augmentation with GANs for Image Classification
Teja Veeramacheneni, Ayush Agarwal B2 Generalizing Pose Estimation Performance Through Synthetic 3D Pose Sequences
Nicole Ticea B3 Inferring Functional Connectivity of Biological Neural Networks
Jennie Chen, Wenli Looi B4 Caption-to-Image Conditional Generative Modeling
Annie Xie B5 Learning Predictive Models by Observation and Interaction
Ross Weber B6 Reconstructing 3D Battery Electrodes from 2D Images
Nishant Rai B7 Super-Resolution of images using keypoint modelling
Luke Sturm, David Liang, Jonathan Mak B8 Data Augmentation Techniques and Style Shifting Progress Report
Katie Fo, Tannar Williams B9 Audio Super-Resolution for Total Laryngectomy Patients
Noah Arthurs B10 Generative Models for Understanding Student Behavior During College Admissions
Pankaj Rajak, Siamak Shakeri, Lingjie Kong C1 Generative models to form 3D point clouds
Michael Cai, Avoy Datta, Daniel Wu C2 DeepTremor: Californian Earthquake Projection with Deep Generative Spatiotemporal RNNs
Sheng Li, Arec Jamgochian C3 Bayesian Deep Learning for Capturing Uncertainties in Driver Behavior Prediction
Evin Yang, Daylen Yang C4 Conversational Agents with GPT-2
Logan Spear, Daniel Salz C5 Time series forecasting and scenario generation with WaveGlow
Chris Waites C6 The Efficacy of Flow-Based Generative Models for Improved Biometric Verification Systems
Miles Hutson C7 A Curious World
Yipeng He, Emma Chen C8 Exploring image outpainting with GAN
Sahil Yakhmi C9 Conditional Flow++
Nadim Saad, Alexandre Matton C10 Transformers for image generation
Aviv Elbag D1 Towards Selective Perception Agents
Shubh Gupta, Dan Johnson, Nhi Truong D2 Generative Approaches to Object-Aware Trajectory Generation
Dang Ton D3 Progressive Growing of GANs
Cindy Jiang, Andrew Guan, Lucas Lin D4 Remastering GANimations
Jeffrey Barratt, Chuanbo Pan, Daniel Do D5 Voice Conversion Using Generative Methods
Nolan Handali, Kush Khosla, Aleksander Dash D6 Deep Conditional GANS for Image Generation
Vincent Liu D7 Fast High-Fidelity Conditional Image Generation
Richard Diehl Martinez, John Kamalu D8 Adversarial regularization of BERT attention layers for machine translation
JK Hunt, Emma Spellman, Katie Lamb D9 Data Augmentation with GANs to Improve Cloud Classification
Jerry Meng, Kaan Donbekci, Vadim Yakubenko D10 FashionFlow: Normalizing Flow Models for Fashion Generation
Prathik Naidu, Mihir Garimella E1 Generalizable Unpaired Point Cloud Completion
Rastko Ciric, Charles Huang and Gustavo Chau E2 Learning latent dimensions of the functional connectomic morphospace with deep disentanglement
Manan Shah, Shrey Gupta E3 Deep SteGANography for Embedding Messages in Images
Justin Wong E4 Improved Text-Conditioned Image Generation
Kevin Lee, Pablo Diaz E5 MobileNet Adaptation for Pose-Guided Human Image Generation
Kelly He, Wen Zhou, Chaonan Ye E6 ComposerGAN: An AI Music Composer
Mark Koren E7 Deep Image Falsification for Autonomous Vehicles
Haruki Nishimura E8 Normalizing Belief Flow: Learning Bayesian Belief Dynamics for Probabilistic Sequence Generation
Mihir Patel, Vinjai Vale, Eric Frankel E9 FARM: Family of AutoRegressive Models
Allan Zhou E10 Meta-learned Optimizers
Graham Todd, Collin Schlager, Natalie Cygan F1 Learning to Groove: Conditional Melody Generation from Authentic Basslines
Andy Shih F2 Variational Inference with Probabilistic Circuits

Afternoon Session

Names Position Title
Maneekwan Toyungyernsub A1 Generating Point Clouds
John Chuter A2 In Other Words: NLP Formality Style Transfer
Gino Tesei A3 Facial Unpaired Image-to-Image Translation with Conditional Cycle-Consistent Generative Adversarial Networks
Kevin Tan A4 Auto-Encoding Scene Graphs with Image Reconstruction
Vikul Gupta A5 Meta-learning using Neural Processes
Dan Dore A6 Dialogue Generation with GANs
Derek Huang, Taresh Sethi A7 Quantifying Speaker Abilities Using Latent Space Features
Hui Xue A8 Synthesis of Pediatric Cardiac Cine from Adult MRI using CycleGAN for Automated Segmentation of Myocardium
Amy Wang A9 Learning Latent Representations for Triphones in Singing
Yang Zhao A10 Image Super Resolution With GAN
Yuanjun Li; Su Jiang; Jiahui Wang B1 Missing Data Imputation with GAN
Raghu Dhara B2 Parametric Accent Hybridization: Combining Speech Idiosyncrasies Using Latent Space Interpolation
JunYoung Gwak, Priya Kasimbeg B3 Text conditioned image generation
Shawn Manuel B4 World Models for Deep Reinforcement Learning
Gorish Aggarwal B5 Graph Generation Models
Zhaoyou Wang, Yue Hui B6 Parallel Auto-Regressive Image Flows
Michael Ko, Sicheng Zeng B7 Progressive Flow for High Dimentional Image Generation
Alex Kim, Kevin Tran B8 Image Generation via Conditional Variational Auto-Encoder
Negin Heravi B9 Action Aware Generative Models for Haptic Texture Generation
Canyon Robins, Jose Giron B10 GAN Superresolution for High Spatial and Temporal Resolution Remote Sensing Data
Abhishek Sinha, Akshat Jindal, Kumar Ayush C1 Diagnosis of Conditional GANs via Discriminative Ability of the Discriminator
Linjia Wu, Ye Ye C2 Point Cloud Generation
Joshua Chang, Troy Shen C3 Caption-to-Image Conditional Generative Modeling using Mirror GAN
Kathleen Kenealy C4 Adversarial Learning for Neural Dialogue Generation
Devang Agrawal, Charles Rajan, Trisha Singh C5 Generalized Text-to-Image Conditional Generative Modeling
Alex Boulton McKeehan C6 Better title TBD (Generating Datasets by Learning Priors)
Arun Seetharaman C7 Using Deep Generative Models to Reconstruct MRI
Sophia Barton, Danny Takeuchi C8 Text-to-Image Conditional Generative Modeling
Jiahong Ouyang, Liu Yang C9 Attributes Aware Latent Space Interpolation for Unpaired Image-to-image Translation
Rohan Badlani and Aditya Dusi C10 DyGen: A Generative Model for Dynamic Temporal Graphs
Jason Ginsberg and Jonathan Zwiebel D1 Generative MPI View Synthesis
Min Jun Park D2 Toward 3D subsurface model generation
Julie Makelberge, Jacqueline Yau, Chris Lis D3 Exploring multi-lingual text to speech
Srivatsan Sridhar, Varun Srivastava D4 AdvAE and FlowVAE : Sampling Arbitrary Latent Variable Distributions in an Autoencoder
Mike Salvato D5 Predictive hand tracking for haptic feedback
Eric Yang D6 Variational Robot Grasp Generation
Sina Jandaghi Semnani, Fatma Tlili D7 Data-Efficient Arbitrary Image Attribute Editing
Yongsoo Park D8 Synthetic World Generation
Sreeram Venkatarao D9 De Novo Drug Design with Transformer Architectures and Reinforcement Learning
Jeffrey Gu D10 Information-Theoretic Definitions for Disentanglement
Alice Yang E1 Adversarial Autoencoders for 3D Point Cloud Representation
Karen Yang E2 GCN-VAE for Knowledge Graph Generation
Derrick Xin E3 Sinkhorn GAN
Eva Zhang, Joyce Xu E4 Entropy-Regularized Conditional GANs for Image Diversity in Data Generation
Wei Kang E5 Image Super Resolution With GAN
Kenneth Wang, Jeffrey Hu, Gleb Shevchuk E6 Deep Crop Yield Prediction in East Africa
Ziyi Yang, Teng Zhang E7 Memory Augmented Generative Adversarial Networks for Anomaly Detection
Eric Mitchell, Saurabh Kumar E8 Learning Latent Spaces for Reinforcement Learning
Adrian Costantino E9 Text-to-Image Conditional Generative Modeling
Zhanghao Sun, Qiwen Wang, Mi Yu E10 Semantic Segmentation Domain Adaptation with Generative Model
Ali Mottaghi F1 Adversarial Representation Active Learning
Bosen Ding F2 Face Swapping by CycleGAN
Kurt Adelberger F3 A singing robot: real-time conditional sampling
Weixin Liang, Zixuan Liu, Can Liu F4 Music MATINEE: Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Music Generation via Meta Learning
Khalid Ahmad F5 Augmented PixelCNN? Just add Attention.
Han Lin Aung F6 Farmland Parcel Delineation Using Generative Modeling
Mason Swofford, John Peruzzi, Nikita Demir F7 MeGAN: Semi-supervised Image Augmentation for Few-Shot Classification
Ethan Oro F8 Autogregssive Models for Music Generation
Yanyang Emma Kong, Kris Ma F9 Chinese Painting Style Transfer Using Deep Generative Models
Henrik Marklund F10 Semi-parametric approaches to Text-to-Image Generation
Sarah Gurev G1 Screening for Gaucher Disease with Semi Supervised GANs
Mingkun Chen G2 Metasurface Design Based on Generative Neural Networks
Hugo Kitano, Taide Ding G3 Generalized Text-to-Image Conditional Generative Modeling
Jon Braatz, Daniel Tsai G4 Optimizing Probability Distillation for Autoregressive Flow Models
Mustafa Omer Gul G5 Text-to-Image Synthesis with MirrorGAN
Isaac Westlund G6 Pseudo-Random Permutations Using Generative Adversarial Networks
Andrew Nam, Josh Ryu G7 Probabilistic neural physics simulation
Justin Amezquita G8 The Artificially Intelligent Investor
Andrew Miller-Smith G9 Super Mario Zelgan: Recreating beloved video games via conditional progressive GANs
Jason Zheng, Makena Low, Michael Cooper G10 GLow EP: Generating Low-Emittance Photocathodes for Particle Accelerators.
Qiaoyi Liu, Zewen Zhang H1 Domain Gap in Image Super Resolution Generative Neural Networks
Sarah Hensley H2 Varying Training Set Size with Caption-to-Image Generative Modeling
Arda Sahiner H3 Using VAW-GANs on Raw Audio for Voice Conversion
Minfa Wang H4 Mask CycleGAN: Unpaired Multi-modal Domain Translation with Interpretable Latent Variable
Ademi Adeniji H5 Latent Skill Transfer for Simulated Agents
Scott Fleming, Will Song H6 Learning Accurate Generative Models of ICU Patient Data for Real-Time Heparin Dosing Assistance